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Youth basketball coach viciously blocks his player trying to score on own basket

Being a coach is about more than teaching someone how to play a game. It’s also about life lessons. For example: Sometimes you get punished when you screw up.

Video emerged of this youth basketball game where a confused player dribbled the ball back and tried to score on his own basket only to get viciously blocked by the coach who ran onto the court to save his team.

First of all, we need to talk about the coach’s attire — which is a really underrated part of this video:

But, damn, clear your mind of Alex Smith for just a second and just look at some of these throws, like this touchdown pass to Jordan Legget in the National Championship game. And it’s that — the cleverness, not the bumpkinicity — that makes you suspect that Kane is going to get pretty close to Shearer by the time he’s done. Les Ferdinand, one of his youth coaches, once claimed that Kane combined the shooting of Shearer — “pure venom” — with the cleverness of Teddy Sheringham, and while we have to make allowances for optimistic one-of-our-own hyperbole, that sounds more or less ideal. Not just as a recipe for a striker, but for striking longevity.

How do you ever go back to watching a guy getting paid $76 million to throw 3-yard hitch routes after you’ve seen that? Sure, Watson does throw a lot of picks, but you’re not moving back to the comfort of short yardage on the family farm once you’ve had a taste of the Hollywood life.

But again, that’s the catch 22 that is Alex Smith … he’s good enough to get the Chiefs into the playoffs, just far enough to make sure they won’t have a chance to draft someone better.

If you read the fine print, Adidas can choose to swap out the island prize with a million dollars. It’s a good bet that’s what will happen.

And maybe it’s for the better. Island living could be an expensive proposition by the time you figure in the costs of getting electricity, sewage, transportation, etc.19

Jeremy Roenick calls Kraft Hockeyville

Last year, a record-setting 12 American-born players were selected in the first round of the NHL draft.
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It was a good sign that American hockey is growing stronger at a steady pace. To help it along, a number of initiatives are leading the way at the local level across the country.

The most notable of these is Kraft Hockeyville, a partnership between the NHL, NHL Players¡¯ Association, and USA Hockey to renovate hockey rinks across the country. The initiative has helped 82 communities and spent nearly $3 million in rink upgrades since its inception as a Canadian program in 2006. This is the third year for the USA program.

Inclusion is key: any community across the country is able to nominate their local rink at Kraft Hockeyville¡¯s website. A rink in Amarillo, Texas is among the submissions, as are rinks in Washington, Ill. and many other states across the country. Luckily, $335,000 in prizes will be split between ten rinks. You can keep up with community discussions on social media with the hashtag #KraftHockeyville.
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Nominations close on March 10.

We spoke with former NHLer, USA Hockey member and current NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick about his involvement with the program and the state of American hockey at the local levels.

There was a lot of bad football this past weekend, but the Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game was the pinnacle of all the hot-garbage performances, in my eyes. There were a lot of things that just made me cringe: poor quarterback play from both sides, suspect game plans, stupid gimmick plays, bad pass protection and the list goes on and on.

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Mike Evans out 2-3 weeks with groin injury

Mike Evans had his best game of the season in Week 4, but it ended with a groin injury that is expected to keep him out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lineup for 2-3 weeks, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Elite Cameron Artis-Payne Jersey The seventh-overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft increased his receiving yardage in each of the first four games of the season and hauled in his first career touchdown pass to help the Buccaneers to a 27-24 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the moments following the victory, JC De La Torre of SB Nation’s Bucs Nation talked about the injury suffered by Evans.

Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville Jaguars (hamstring)

The Jaguars’ top receiver, who has been hampered all season with a hamstring strain, aggravated the injury during Jacksonville’s loss at San Diego and did not return. Shorts already missed the first two games of the year with the same injury, and given that hamstrings are notoriously slow to heal, his status for next week’s contest with Pittsburgh is likely in serious jeopardy.

Kids Steve Largent Jersey Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers (back)

It’s been an injury-riddled 2014 campaign for Davis, whose status for Sunday’s game with Philadelphia was already in question due to an ankle injury. He suffered a back injury in the third quarter that caused him to miss the remainder of the game. There has been no news thus far out of the 49ers regarding the severity of the injury, although Davis was walking very gingerly as he left the field on Sunday.

Tomorrow it will start. He’s been working and he’ll continue that work. He should get in here and if he gets the work done and get his weight right and gets himself in condition, he may get a chance to get on the field. We’ll see.”

Robert Kraft on Patriots’ critics: ‘Haters still hate’

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is reveling in the team’s fifth Super Bowl title.

“Think about the eight days I had. We had Elton John perform at a party. We have the Super bowl where from the depths of depression we go to the elation of a victory,” Kraft told Andrea Kremer on Tuesday’s edition of Real Sports on HBO. “We have this trophy and on a snowy day in Boston we have over a million people. Then the president invites you to dinner with the prime minister [of Japan]. It’s a pretty cool week.”

After Kraft said that, Kremer suggested that It’s good to be Robert Kraft, to which Kraft responded: “Sometimes.”

Williams burst onto the Browns’ scene in 2014 as an undrafted free agent who stunned many by usurping first-round pick Justin Gilbert in the secondary, serving primarily as the team’s nickel corner. His most memorable performance came during the Browns’ historic, comeback win over the Titans in Tennessee in Week 5 of the 2014 season.

Less than two seasons later, things got a little hairy. Williams suffered an ankle injury during training camp prior to the 2016 season, and when offered a full workload in a preseason contest against Green Bay, Williams chose not to accept it, citing his injury as the reason. The Browns viewed this as conduct detrimental to the team and suspended him for two games (a loss of one game check).

Now healed up and ready to play, Williams gets to return his focus to the field, where he’ll join a Niners secondary that could use an effective nickel corner to join starters Jimmie Ward and Tramaine Brock. It’s unknown how well Williams will rebound from the ankle operation, but it’s a low-risk signing for the Niners with potential for a great reward if Williams can replicate his play from 2014 and 2015.

Wichita State is winning big without Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet

Wichita State shouldn¡¯t be this good. The Shockers were powered by Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet for the last four years, but now both have graduated to the pros. They were the heart and soul of these Shockers teams for what felt like an eternity. They¡¯re gone and the Shockers aren¡¯t.

Wichita State sits tied with the Illinois State Redbirds at the top of the Missouri Valley Conference. They don¡¯t have a true star. Instead, Gregg Marshall has to rely on a balanced offense and a deep bench. So far, it¡¯s working in a big way. The Shockers are 25-4 overall and made their debut in the AP Poll this week at No. 25.

This is the first Shockers team in Marshall¡¯s tenure where no senior averages at least five points a game. He has instead leaned on a variety of underclassmen and they are playing unselfishly on both ends of the floor.
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Wichita State is one of eight teams that ranks in the top 20 of both offensive and defensive efficiency this season with the No. 18 offense and No. 17 defense, per KenPom.

It shouldn¡¯t shock anyone that this team is contending again, but how they¡¯re doing it is a bit of a surprise. Here¡¯s what you need to know about the Shockers heading into March Madness.

Seeing it up close gave Lynch a new perspective. Combining that with the need to have a result — positive or negative — to take home with him after games, Lynch saw himself making the leap.

“When you¡¯ve got a guy who had as good of a life setup, with his job and where he was, and he wants to come be a GM for one reason, because he wants to be a part of that working to win again — and that¡¯s how I think, too,” Shanahan said. “There¡¯s a lot of stuff that goes on in this business, and it¡¯s a big-time business and I get that, but when it comes down to it, when you have the people who are working together to try to lead the organization the way they think is pretty simple: It¡¯s about football and really not much else.”
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The Pelicans were very close to a deal for Jahlil Okafor about 10 days ago

Tony Lippett had a great career as a receiver for the Spartans, finishing second in school history with 149 receptions and in the top-10 in school history with 2,247 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns. He says he wants to be a receiver. He’s taking part in the receiver group here in Indy.

That said, don’t be surprised to see him doing drills in defensive posture in the not-too-far future. “Not today, but in the near future, definitely going to be the opportunity for everyone to see me backpedaling,” said Lippett.
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And, it comes as no surprise. A physical, long, but still quick cornerback is becoming more and more valuable in the modern NFL with 6’3, 6’4, 6’5, or taller receivers increasingly being featured in offenses league-wide. A guy who can match up with the Dez Bryants, Demaryius Thomases, A.J. Greens, Brandon Marshalls, and of course, Calvin Johnsons — that’s no small value.

There does seem to be some evidence Utah is less effective against top opposition. Splitting their game difficulty (based on opponent point differential, adjusted for home/road but not rest or travel), the Jazz’s margin of victory is 2.2 points better than expected in the top third of their games by difficulty, plus-5.4 in the middle third and plus-4.2 in the bottom third.
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The Pelicans were very close to a deal for Jahlil Okafor about 10 days ago, sources told Shelburne, offering a similar package that didn’t include Hield. But the deal fell apart over differences on the protections of the first-round pick involved.

Kings GM Vlade Divac told ESPN on Feb. 6 that the team would not trade DeMarcus Cousins, but reversed course on Sunday night, agreeing to deal Cousins to New Orleans in exchange for a package centered on Buddy Hield and draft picks, sources told ESPN.

his genuineness will rank near the top. He was immature and still learning how to handle setbacks

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After all, Wright has to remember back only 16 months to relive the unexpected joy ride the Mets took on those backs — all the way to the 2015 World Series. That, Jacob deGrom said this week, “was only a taste” of what these guys are pretty sure they’re about to unleash on the rest of Planet Baseball.

“We know now what it takes to get there,” deGrom said. “Now we’ve got to go win it.”

Aaron Gordon Jersey You don’t visit many clubhouses in the first week of spring training where people talk matter-of-factly about winning the World Series. But deGrom had no reservations about broaching that subject with unabashed confidence.

“Winning the World Series,” he said, almost casually, “that’s the plan.”

“He sat next to Almonte,” Picollo said. “He was ordering dinner for him and speaking English for him. He was helping. He had been up in the big leagues for a week, and he was there because he wanted to take care of the young Latin kids. You could see that.”

These moments when Ventura showed an inherent goodness help explain why the Royals kept their faith in him — even when he could be so exasperating.

“He always had that smile, and no matter how mad you were at him, he was going to make you laugh,” Picollo said. “The impression that people in the game had of him was different than the actual person.”

Of all the attributes the Royals will miss in Ventura, his genuineness will rank near the top. He was immature and still learning how to handle setbacks, but every last emotion was real.

“There’s a void in all of our hearts,” Duffy said. “We’re not going to see him again. To not see him walking in from the bullpen with the focus and the intensity he had, it’s going to be hard.

“You just remember what you had with him and try to look back fondly on his life and everything he accomplished in his short time here on earth. And you know he’s in a better place now.”