Browns trade Barkevious Mingo to Patriots

The Browns traded linebacker Barkevious Mingo, the team’s sixth overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, to the New England Patriots. In exchange, the Browns will receive a 2017 fifth-round pick.

A 13-time Pro Bowl selection and two-time Super Bowl champion (XXXV and XLVII), linebacker Lewis played his entire 17-year NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens. Lewis, a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2000, 2003) and Super Bowl XXXV MVP, is the only player in NFL history with at least 40 career sacks and 30 career interceptions. He led the Ravens in tackles in 14 of his 17 seasons, and his 50 total takeaways are the second-most by a linebacker in NFL history.

“It was always a great honor Tim Wright Jersey to be selected to the Pro Bowl and play among an elite group of players,” says Lewis. “The return to the traditional AFC-NFC format will add another level of excitement to the game this year. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to come back as a captain to lead the AFC and help inspire young athletes who hope to one day be on the Pro Bowl stage.”

A nine-time Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl Travis Swanson Jersey champion (XLV), Woodson returns to the Pro Bowl stage as a captain having played in the game in 2016. Woodson, the 2015 Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award winner, was a standout defensive back for the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders during his 18 NFL seasons. The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2009) ranks sixth on the NFL’s all-time interceptions list (65) and is tied for the most career defensive touchdowns (13).

“Playing in the Pro Bowl last year and now coming back as a captain is really special. I’m excited to return and take part in the week-long celebration of football’s best,” said Woodson. “I learned a lot from the veterans I played alongside during my career, and now I have the opportunity during Pro Bowl week to give back and impact current players and young athletes.”

Rosen has missed the Bruins’ last two games (losses to Washington State and Utah). One of the most talented quarterbacks in college football, Rosen has completed 137 of 231 passes for 1,915 yards, with 10 touchdowns and five interceptions through UCLA’s first six games. As a true sophomore, Rosen won’t be eligible for the NFL draft until 2018 or 2019.

A deal would accelerate his financial hit into this season’s cap, and the Cowboys can’t afford that. It’s not impossible, but it would take some significant restructuring and reworking on Dallas’ part.

On the other hand, trading him next season is very possible.

Should the Cowboys strike a deal in the offseason, sending Romo to another team, it will free up $5.4 million in cap space for Dallas next season. His cap hit would go from $24.7 million to $19.6 million, which wouldn’t be a bad idea. He’s going to make at least $19.6 million regardless in 2017, so why not free up some money on the books rather than paying him to be a backup?

Of course, this only works if Prescott is unequivocally ready to be the starter going forward. The Cowboys have to be completely convinced Prescott is the guy for the job, and that very question will probably be answered in the coming weeks. If the coaching staff and front office are confident enough in Prescott’s ability, causing them to keep him as the starter the rest of the way, we’ll get a good look at what the future holds for Dallas.

The NFL fined DeAndre Hopkins $6,000 for wearing Kanye’s Yeezy cleats

The NFL has fined DeAndre Hopkins $6,000 for wearing his adidas Yeezy Boost 350 cleats last Sunday during the Houston Texans’ season opener. These are the cleats.

The NFL’s reasoning Ryan Carrethers Jersey was that the cleats didn’t have a solid base color, and that constituted a fine for Hopkins. This fine comes on the same weekend that the NFL decided not to fine six players who chose to wear cleats honoring 9/11, including Odell Beckham Jr.

Brown twerk without a fine, along with a long list of not allowing fun, so is anyone surprised?

TROUBLE ON REVIS ISLAND: Bills Sean Lissemore Jersey WR burns Darrelle Revis for more yards on one play than he totaled the last two years. Darrelle Revis’ struggles in 2016 continue.

JETS OVERCAME MISTAKES: Todd Bowles noted the Jets weren’t perfect, but they did overcome their mistakes. The same can’t be said for Rex Ryan’s team.

FISHER SELLING FALSE HOPE: Jeff Fisher is a Ponzi scheme. The Rams head coach thrives on selling hope that’s always just around the corner but never really in reach.

FANTASY CORNER: Fantasy football rankings for Week 2 — Still making lineup decisions? Let us help.

LIVE TWEETING: This is what it was like to watch the NFL on Twitter. Spoiler: It was fine.

BROWNS QB SITUATION: ESPN drops some news about the Browns’ quarterback situation. The future isn’t so bright for Cody Kessler.

PETERSON AT QB? Adrian Peterson at quarterback is an experiment worth watching. Adrian Peterson told reporters he’s taking snaps at quarterback and we want to see it.

SECONDARY CONCERNS IN WASHINGTON: Washington needs more than just Josh Norman to fix its terrible pass coverage. Washington was blasted for not using Josh Norman on Antonio Brown in Monday’s loss to the Steelers. After a closer look at the film, retired NFL defensive end Stephen White found much bigger problems in Washington’s game plan.

PURPLE REIGN: Vikings will have a Prince tribute show at halftime. The team isn’t holding anything back to open its new stadium this week.

Nomo’s success opened the door to many Japanese players

A six-time All-, Koufax set a single- record with 382 strikeouts 1965 and won the pitchers’ Triple Crown three times during that stretch. Koufax, who led the NL five years a row and strikeouts four times, enjoyed his best as a Dodger 1966, when he went 27 with a 1 while striking out 317 batters. Koufax helped the Dodgers win three World Series titles Los 1959 and ’65, and is still the youngest player elected to the Baseball Hall Mitch Richmond Jersey of Fame, at the age of 36 1972. Martinez: A workhorse for the Dodgers from 1990, Martinez made up for his lack of size with heart. The Dominican-born pitcher made a name for himself 1990 when he struck out 18 batters a game against the Braves on 4. He finished that 20 with 223 strikeouts and a 2, earning a spot on the NL All- team and finishing second Cy Award balloting. Martinez highlighted his career with the Dodgers by throwing a no-hitter against the Marlins on July 14, and finished his career with a record of 135 with 1 strikeouts and a 3. Hideo Nomo: Nomo became the first Japanese-born player since Masanori Murakami to appear a League game when he started for the Dodgers on 2. It didn’t take for Nomo to become one of the most popular players the game. The right-hander with a unique wind up won the NL Rookie of the Year Award that and was named to the All- team. The following, Nomo established himself as a legitimate starter, winning 16 and striking out 234 batters while posting a 3. Nomo capped off his stellar 1996 with a no-hitter against the Rockies on Sept. 16, unlikely atmosphere: ‘s Coors Field. Nomo is still the only pitcher to record a no-hitter at hitter-friendly Coors field. Nomo was traded to the Mets 1998, but returned to the Dodgers 2002 and had back-to-back 16-win seasons.

Nomo’s success opened the door to Nik Stauskas Jersey many Japanese players who have successfully followed him to the Leagues. Osteen: A three-time All-, Osteen was a stalwart the Dodgers rotation for nine years. He recorded 15 or more wins seven of his nine seasons L.A. and won 20 twice. Osteen, who was a crafty lefty, set career-highs wins, strikeouts, shutouts, complete and starts as a member of the Dodgers 1967. His brilliant performance the 1965 World Series secured Osteen’s legacy with the Dodgers. After the Dodgers fell behind 0 against the Twins, Osteen put the team on his shoulders, pitching a shutout Game 3, helping the Dodgers bounce back to win the Series seven. Podres: Podres forever be remembered as the baby-faced kid who beat the Yankees Game 7 of the 1955 World Series, giving the Brooklyn Dodgers their only World championship. But Podres did a lot more than that, helping the Dodgers win three World Series after they moved to L.A. Podres pitched eight-plus seasons L.A. winning 13 or more six times while being named to the All- team three times. Podres, who enjoyed his best Los 1961, when he went 18 with a 3, was at his best the postseason. four World Series with the Dodgers, Podres went 4 with a 2 and 18 strikeouts. Sutton: Sutton was the epitome of a workhorse, pitching 200 or more innings 15 consecutive seasons from 1966. Sutton, who is the all-time Dodgers leader wins, pitched, started, strikeouts, innings pitched, shutouts and Opening Day starts, was the model of consistency as a starter. A Hall of Famer and four-time All-, Sutton was a member of five pennant-winning teams Los. His best as a Dodger came 1976 when he won a career-high 21 while striking out 161 batters. his career with the Dodgers, Sutton finished the top five Cy Award balloting five times and finished his career with 324 wins and 3 strikeouts. Valenzuela: It was called Mania and the man behind it was a baby-faced 20-year-old from Sonora, Mexico. Valenzuela became instant attraction 1981 when he broke into the Majors winning 13 and the Rookie of the Year Award. Valenzuela became a hero Los, partly because of his Mexican heritage, but mostly because of his excellence on the mound. The lefty dominated from the get go, posting eight shutouts and 11 complete his first full the Majors while guiding the Dodgers past the Yankees the 1981 World Series. Valenzuela, nicknamed El, won 12 or more his first seven seasons with the Dodgers and enjoyed his best Dodger blue 1986 when he went 21 with 20 complete and a 3. Addcox is a contributor for. This story was not subject to the approval of League Baseball or its clubs.

These are the types of guys who wear camo pants to the stadium

These are the types of guys who wear camo pants to the stadium, get arguments over beer pong while tailgating and blasting Back Black out of a 1999 Chevy S10 as if they’re the first ones ever to think of listening to DC before big. Amos: Our Brandon Bass Jersey kids have nothing to look forward to. Arash: One time I walked into a Foot Locker and asked if they had Buffalo Bills jerseys, and the clerk asked me if that was a hockey team. This happened New !!!! D:. Die. Die. Die. Die you old fucking that your daughter can take over the team, somehow run it even more into the ground and then sell it and it can move. The fact that the NFL puts your face out there as such a great gives me diarrhea. Charlie: Go to a game and count the number of Coy Wire, Paul Posluzny, or Moorman jerseys the stands. It’s insane.We haven’t made the playoffs 13 years. During that time, our highlights include: 1. Getting beat by the Steelers third stringers the fourth quarter at home Week 16, after which friend punched his dad the face because he had recently moved to Pittsburgh and become a Steelers fan while I, allegedly, cried the stands. 2. Getting beat 8 to 0 by the Browns Week 15 one of the snowiest ever, after which I, allegedly, got a fight with a 70 year old a hotel lobby downtown Cleveland. 3. Beating the Byron Scott Jersey Patriots Week 3 for the first time since I was high school, after which I, allegedly, chugged a full pitcher of beer and poured another one on head before peeing on friend to celebrate.The tailgates are like the Thunderdome, if you added wings and replaced Tina Turner with a mustachioed out-of-work electrician from Tonawanda with a sleeveless You Got The Reich One t-shirt and a skinful of warm Labatt’s.

Dan: Orchard Park is impossible to get to on game day, it’s rife with the most backwards hicks the world, the stadium is the most bare-bones concrete monstrosity I’ve ever seen, and it somehow gets 30 degrees colder there than the city itself. Last game I went to I thought toes were going to fall off. must be sucking heat out of the atmosphere to keep his deflated-balloon heart from withering away. Steve: Go to any Bills blog over the offseason and read the comments. You have grown men who, without a single ounce of irony, refer to watching YouTube montages of a projected 8th round pick from Purdue as watching tape, as though McCarthy has user JimKellyNation_69 on speed-dial. RJ: The best thing that could happen to this team is for their plane to crash on the way back from away game. And they still would not make the front headline on ESPN because no one fucking cares about this team outside the cesspool of WNY.Doug Flutie had one good 1998, and then spent the rest of his career being either mediocre or downright fucking terrible. But you wouldn’t know it from Bills fans who still, to this day, Two Thousand Fucking Thirteen say they Flutie as if he’d still be playing for them if Wade Phillips hadn’t been mean and benched him for.I live close by, the NFL, and decided to get tickets to the Bills last year. First game against KC: Four obese gentlemen then get seated to immediate right, one wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and going by NAAAAACHO and another wearing a hard hat, proceed to lift their shirts and pretend to lick each other to encourage women above them for three quarters. Doesn’t work. behind me leaves after 2nd quarter. Second game against NE: Took a partner from law firm who’s a Pats fan, never been to NFL game. front of us, before kickoff, literally fell over the benches 3 times. Took off his jersey to reveal a large surgery scar. Falls on boss. After the Bills drop three touchdowns the third quarter, a woman starts screaming literal death threats at Pats fans. If I hadn’t been smart enough to take him up front to during warmups, I’d probably have been fired. Third game against TEN: Two guys the section over get a standing, drunken yelling match after one shouts OSKIE WEE WEE and another shouts ARGOOOOOOOS, chants from CFL teams. attending the game alone circa 1992 starter hat gets up literally 15 times during game, asks Quebecers next to us why they’re speaking Spanish. Fourth game against : Complete and total drunken shitfest. Hear from a local that personally banned night until the NFL forced him because the 80’s a climbed to the top of the field goal posts. Fans turn aerial placard thank veterans promo into gigantic cardboard airplanes. Found out the next day a dude from Rochester died, shocked it wasn’t more, and supposedly there were 30 DUI arrests. Had three left.

Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg earn All- starting spots As expected

TE David Ausberry, CB Chimdi Chekwa, CB Keith McGill, WR Brown and WR Kenbrell Thompkins also did not practice. ___ Online: AP NFL website: and AP_NFL.
Menu NEW YORK NBA referees say their missed foul on Oklahoma City’s Dion Waiters as he inbounded the ball was a play they had never seen before. The referees union also said Tuesday on Twitter that they would incorporate the play into their training moving forward. The play began a wild final sequence the Thunder’s 98 victory over San on Monday Game 2 of the Conference semifinals. Waiters elbowed the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili to create space to throw the inbounds pass, which the Spurs stole to start a fast break. San couldn’t score, leaving Chris Terry Jersey the series tied at 1. Referee Ken Mauer, the crew chief, said after the game that upon seeing a review of the play, there should have been offensive foul on Waiters. Game 3 is Friday Oklahoma City.

GAME NOTES The Red enter the toughest stretch of their schedule with the best special teams the NHL. Detroit’s power-play is No. 3 the NHL with 23-percent success rate, trailing only the Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Blues. The Red lead the NHL with 36 power-play goals. This is the same power play that was criticized heavily at the beginning of the, when it got off a 2-for-30 start and was dead last the NHL at one point. The Red ‘ penalty killers have been among the best the NHL all. They were No. 1 early the campaign and currently sit No. 2 with 88-percent success rate. Only the Chicago Blackhawks have been better at killing penalties. The Red have allowed 16 power-play goals 38. That’s average of.42 per game. Only Chicago and Carolina have allowed fewer power-play goals. • Vancouver waived tough guy Sestito Friday. Sestito has played three Eddie Lack Jersey and less than 19 minutes this. He had one assist and seven penalty minutes. Last, the 6-foot-5-pound left winger had five goals, four assists and a league-leading 213 PIM 77. If Sestito clears waivers, he’ll be assigned to Utica of the AHL. • In their only other meeting this, the Red beat Vancouver 5 Nov. 30 at Joe Arena….. The Red are their last 16 vs. the Canucks…. Vancouver is at home. The Red are on the road…. The Canucks are their last 10. Detroit is. • Gustav Nyquist’s eight power-play goals are tied for third the NHL…. Tomas Tatar is tied for fifth the NHL with five game-winning goals…. ‘s seven overtime shootout losses are tied for the NHL lead…. Vancouver goalie Ryan, older brother of Red forward Drew, is his last five and has allowed nine goals that span • Red captain Henrik Zetterberg has had at least one point five of the last six. He’s got four goals and three assists that span…. Pavel Datsyuk is riding a five-game point streak. He has one goal and four assists that stretch…. Nyquist has a goal and five assists his last four. • Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Radim Vrbata, who play on Vancouver’s top line and rank team scoring, all have at least one point four of the last five. Daniel Sedin, who leads the Canucks with 32 points, has one goal and five assists that span. Twin brother Henrik has five assists and Vrbata has three goals and two assists. They were blanked Sunday a 2 loss to Anaheim.

Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg earn All- starting spots As expected, the have three starters on the Conference squad for the Jan. 27 All- Game Atlanta, as defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom and forwards Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk were voted by fans. It’s a good honor for them,” said coach Babcock, who’ll be coaching the team. They’re real good players and it’s a special honor and they’ve earned it. It looks good on them.” Lidstrom led all players with 477 votes and be making his eighth consecutive start and his 10th All- appearance overall. It’s a tremendous honor, to get the recognition from fans around the league, and around the world, actually,” Lidstrom said. Zetterberg led forwards with 326 votes and be making his first appearance. He was named as a reserve last but was forced to withdraw because of a wrist injury. Datsyuk, second among West forwards with 303 votes, be making his first start and his second All- appearance. The reserves be announced on Thursday and the list could include one or two more, goaltender Osgood and or defenseman Rafalski. The other starters were Calgary forward Jarome Iginla and defenseman Dion Phaneuf and Vancouver goalie Luongo. The Eastern starters are goaltender Brodeur of New Jersey, defensemen Zdeno and Andrei Markov and forwards Sidney Crosby, Vincent Lecavalier and Alfredsson. this is one more indication that the Detroit Red are one of the best run franchises pro sports. Managment is excelling more than ever with everyone under the salary cap. Ozzie deserves the selection too but just might prefer to keep his vacation to Disneyworld to be with his family.

Justin revealed how despite his outgoing persona he is actually an introvert at heart

Chatting in the glossy mag, Justin revealed how despite his outgoing persona he is actually an introvert at heart. But as far as shooting fashion goes, or being on stage, I don’t get nervous he explained. And the pop hearttrob gave his devoted fans an update on his future plans.

I’ve been kind of on the low, just Malcolm Smith Jersey working on the new album, he said. Now I’m ready to get back on the . Meanwhile , 19, has been everywhere these past few months, notably modelling at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Justin, 21, has also set his sight on the runway after securing a modelling deal with iconic underwear brand Klein. The issue also features more of the Hollywood brat pack including Hadid, Ansel Elgort, Dylan Penn and her younger brother Hopper.

The April American Vogue issue is out on on 25. Related articles.Mathis’ return was expected, as the 32-year-old reached agreement last week, and he be entering his fourth with the organization. , 24, had been the Orioles’ system since he was a 50th-round Draft pick by Baltimore 2009. The two moves set Miami’s roster at its 40-man limit?

Mathis earn $1 million, the same salary he had 2015. He’s Marshawn Lynch Jersey one of the most respected players on the club, earning the praise of his teammates as a leader and handler of pitchers. ? A number of Marlins players urged management to sign Mathis, who appeared 32 last . He missed nearly two months due to a fractured right finger. In 93 at-bats, Mathis batted .161 with two homers and 12 RBIs. , a 6-foot-3-pounder from San Diego, made 23 starts at -A last year, posting a 2 record with a 7 82 3 innings. In 139 Minor League , the lefty has a 4.

Menu After earning a split the first two on the road, the Detroit Red try to grab a lead the best-of-seven Western Conference quarterfinals when they host the Nashville Predators today’s Game 3 at Arena. The Red were dealt a 3 regulation loss Nashville to open this series, but responded by taking Friday’s Game 2 by the same score. Detroit now attempt to take today’s pivotal Game 3 on home ice, where the Red posted a stellar during the regular .

Josh Norman, Odell Beckham renew matchup but Redskins must win game

After the season opener, the Washington Redskins explained why they didn’t want to move corner Josh Norman around. They had a good corner on the other side in Bashaud Breeland. They didn’t want to tip their coverage. They didn’t want it to create confusion by others in coverage.

Other times Norman would be in a press alignment with a single high safety, who would then rotate to his side after the snap.

Using Norman’s strengths

“Tony’s situation, when he’s back, will be dictated by Tony’s ability to really function,” Jones said after the Cowboys 27-23 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday. “We would have been a better team last week with Romo.”

When healthy, Romo is one of the top 10-12 quarterbacks in league by any standard employed. In 2014, he threw 34 touchdown passes and nine interceptions, while leading the league in yards per attempt.

Prescott, in two games, has played 139 snaps, so stop the drama. Yes, Prescott has played well, completing 62.7 percent of his passes for 519 yards with no interceptions (though no touchdowns, either). He’s playing confidently, and his teammates believe he’s good enough to help them win while Romo heals. His work ethic and steady demeanor are among the reasons why his teammates have rallied around him.

That’s what it turned out to be, and depending on the severity of the tear, Peterson might be able to return within a matter of weeks. He might even be able to avoid surgery on his right knee. But as the running back evaluates his options with team doctors and athletic trainers, the Vikings will have a handful of possibilities to contemplate.

But that procedure wouldn’t present as complete a recovery as a meniscus repair, which would put Peterson in better position to prolong his career for several more seasons. If Peterson chooses to have such an operation, he’d likely be looking at a recovery of three or four months, meaning he’d miss most of the regular season, along with his chance to put up solid numbers in his age-31 season.

The Vikings owe Peterson a $6 million roster bonus on the third day of the 2017 league year, and while the structure of that contract suggests it will get reworked, it seems even more likely to happen if Peterson misses most of the season. Over the long term, though, a more extensive surgery could be advantageous.

Josh Norman says he respects Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown

ASHBURN, Va. — It’s not a war of words Washington Redskins corner Josh Norman wants to get into with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a jersey swap.

Not that it’ll happen. Two years ago, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin began prohibiting the team’s players from engaging in them. But the overall point from Norman was simple. He has a healthy respect for two of the players he’ll face Monday night: quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and receiver Antonio Brown.

“He can make all the throws,” Norman said. “Shoot, his name speaks for itself: Big Ben. You can’t take him down. He’s good with his feet. That’s the thing people don’t realize and understand, that he can create things on the go, and he gets back there and he doesn’t get flustered.”

Earlier in the day, Roethlisberger said he didn’t want to get lulled into any sort of verbal exchange.

The primary concern is guard Kyle Long’s (shoulder) health, but he practiced on Monday and Wednesday and looks on track to play against the Texans. Of course, the great unknown is how Long’s shoulder reacts when faced with live contact. Cornerback Tracy Porter passed the NFL’s concussion protocol and pronounced himself good to go for Week 1, but Kyle Fuller’s status is more difficult to predict. Fuller is doing some work at practice, but is only a couple weeks removed from arthroscopic knee surgery. — Jeff Dickerson

A minor interruption, especially when you compare it to, say, losing your starting quarterback eight days before the start of the season.

Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles are doing their best to work through that as they prepare for Sunday’s opener against the Cleveland Browns. The biggest task is getting rookie quarterback Carson Wentz up to speed. There’s a lot of catching up to do, especially considering Wentz missed the bulk of the preseason because of a pair of broken ribs.

“I’m walking in at 5:45 this morning and [Wentz] is already in the film room,” said Pederson. “That’s just the type of person, that’s just the type of quarterback we have … . The way he led the huddle on Monday at practice and just what he’s done the last couple days, just getting himself ready to go just shows you the type of leader and the type of person he is.”

Pederson was asked if he will scale back the game plan to make Wentz’s transition a little easier.

Colin Kaepernick gets ripped by ex-49ers teammate over anthem protest

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest the national anthem on Friday has become a lightning rod of controversy around the NFL over the past two days.

The hope, though, is that he can help the team this season, channeling the disruptive play that helped the 6-foot-5, 280-pounder notch 26 sacks, 24 quarterback hurries, 50.5 tackles for loss and five forced fumbles over 41 games with the Buckeyes.

Bosa’s holdout triggered bad blood from both sides while bubbling into a nasty public-relations mess for the Chargers. With their first-round prize finally on the roster, it’s time for everyone to bury the hatchet and prepare the newbie pass-rusher for the season ahead.

In return for Lee and a Browns 2017 seventh-round pick, the Panthers shipped a 2018 fourth-round selection and 2014 undrafted punter Kasey Redfern to Cleveland.

Panthers punter Mike Scifres exited Friday’s preseason tilt with the New England Patriots with a knee injury after taking a shot to the leg.

It’s a depth signing for the ‘Skins, who plan to roll out a D-line led by Chris Baker, Kedric Golston and Ricky Jean-Francois. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the club dump Jenkins if younger talent becomes available in the oncoming flood of league-wide cuts.

The team’s plan is to try and trade Sanchez, but if that doesn’t work, the Broncos will likely cut him sometime before Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET, according to PFT. Every team in the NFL has to trim their roster down from 90 to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon.

Sanchez became expendable on Monday after the Broncos named Trevor Siemian as their starting quarterback. Paxton Lynch will serve as Siemian’s backup, which left Sanchez as the odd man out.

It’s been pretty clear for the past week that the Broncos were going to get rid of Sanchez. The quarterback didn’t play a single snap against the Rams on Saturday, which is notable because it was Week 3 of the preseason and starters genuinely play at least a half during Week 3.

Sanchez fell out of favor in Denver after a rough outing against the 49ers in Week 2 of the preseason. The low point of Sanchez’s short Broncos career came late in the first half when he fumbled two times in a 45-second span.

“I just squandered a great opportunity to separate myself and I put the team in a bad situation,” Sanchez said after Denver’s 31-24 loss to San Francisco. “There’s no excuse for that, poor, poor quarterback play.”

Although the Broncos are looking to trade Sanchez, that’s going to be almost impossible. For most teams, there would be no use in making the Broncos a trade offer for Sanchez if they think he’s going to be released, because in that case, they could sign him without giving up any compensation after he’s cut.

On the other hand, the Broncos could possibly find a trading partner if a desperate team comes calling. For instance, if the Cowboys decided they really, really wanted a veteran backup quarterback while Tony Romo’s out.

Tony Romo lasts just one series vs. Seahawks, but Ezekiel Elliott has encouraging debut

SEATTLE — Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could enter the regular season with the fewest preseason snaps he has had since he became the starter.

After he injured his back on the third play of Thursday’s 27-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Romo’s preseason will consist of just 16 snaps if he does not play in the Sept. 1 preseason finale against the Houston Texans. Romo, 36, has not played in a preseason finale since he became the full-time starter in 2007.

Romo played 13 snaps in the Cowboys’ second preseason game Aug. 19 against the Miami Dolphins. In three drives, he has completed five of six passes for 60 yards.

Since undergoing offseason back surgery in 2013, the Cowboys have been mindful of Romo’s preseason work. In 2013, he played in 69 preseason snaps in three games. In 2014, he played in 50 snaps in two games. Last season, he played in 24 in two games.

The Cowboys rely heavily on Romo. As he goes, they go. They have gone 15-4 with him as the starter the past two seasons and 1-12 without him. He missed 12 games last season because of a twice-broken left collarbone.

Good to see them: Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith made his preseason debut after missing the first two games because of a stinger. Chaz Green took over at left tackle in the second quarter, but Smith wanted to get some preseason snaps under his belt. Defensive end Benson Mayowa and defensive tackle Maliek Collins opened training camp on the physically unable to perform list, but they were able to start against the Seahawks. It was the third different starting defensive line in three games. Linebacker Justin Durant also made his preseason debut after the Cowboys worked the veteran into condition after signing him before training camp.

Coach Ben McAdoo even said as recently as last week that he hadn’t been able to make a fair evaluation on Cruz. The jury was still out after almost two full seasons on the sideline and a slow start to training camp.

Even when Cruz did participate in practice early this summer, his snaps were often limited. He was working primarily with the second and third teams and being brought along slowly.