Watch Myles Garrett and Joe Thomas finally battle at Browns training camp

Last Friday, we talked about the impending face-off between Hall of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas and defensive end Myles Garrett, the team’s first overall pick. On Day 6 of Cleveland Browns training camp, fans finally got their wish, and they did not disappoint.

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith visited practice on Wednesday as a guest of head coach Hue Jackson, which coincided with the fact that Garrett was with the starting defense for the first time this camp. Since the Browns had an off day Tuesday, that meant everyone was available to practice — including Thomas. Game On.

Jones’ background was in the oil industry, and some terms from that field make their way into his sayings. That’s what happened back in 2012 as the Cowboys kicked off training camp.

“I’ve been here when it was glory hole days, and I’ve been here when it wasn’t,” Jones said, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “Having said that, I want me some glory hole.”

When you think of the phrase “glory hole,” drilling for oil is maybe not what comes to mind. Thankfully, that’s what Jones meant. That doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious.

This offseason, with a number of players — including second-year phenom Ezekiel Elliott — either serving suspensions or facing the possibility of one, Jones was descriptive about how the team will handle it.

“We’re going to have to burn some wagons and float the Mississippi with some of the others,” Jones said as training camp opened, via The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis.

Miller could certainly aid his NFC counterpart.

While there are a few names still on the market, most of the biggest money has already been spent in the weeks since NFL free agency began on March 9.

As a responsible media organization, we should probably caution you not to put too much faith in free agency. You don’t have to be a complete Ted Thompson-style skeptic about it, but landing a whole new batch of veteran players is never a panacea for covering up bad management or terrible coaching.

Last year, the Jaguars were lauded for their free agent moves. Unfortunately, a roster loaded with talent wasn’t enough to overcome Gus Bradley’s coaching. The Giants, on the other hand, spent a bundle in free agency to give their defense an injection of talent, and it worked like a charm.

All we’re saying here is not to let the excitement of being an armchair general manager cloud your grip on reality.

It might be a chore for Miller to clear a spot in his busy schedule. In the past year-plus, he’s been everywhere from Dancing with the Stars to Drake’s European tour. He typically finds a way to help others, though. He surprised Broncos staffers last week by being the first player to show up at the franchise’s employee recognition banquet.

Miller could certainly aid his NFC counterpart. Few players in the NFL have played at a such a consistently high level over their careers. Barring the 2013 season in which he only played nine games due to a league suspension and torn ACL, he’s recorded at least 11 sacks each year he’s been in the league. That’s led to five All-Pro awards and a record-setting 2016 contract worth a whopping $114.5 million.

But Beasley is far from the only player worthy of Miller’s invite to this meeting of minds. The Bronco also singled out Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston as the kind of player with which he’d like to swap ideas and workout tricks. Here’s a list of other potential invitees that could make the pass-rushing summit second only to the G8 in terms of star power.


The NHL announced on Monday that they will not be participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Backup quarterback AJ McCarron is available via trade, but Marvis Lewis isn’t sure he wants to make a move with a divisional rival.

“AJ McCarron is a valuable member of our football team,” Lewis said. “No one has asked to trade him. We’re not going to go out and seek a trade for AJ McCarron. He’s a valuable member of the team. We’ve said that how many times?

“Regardless of what team it is. Regardless of what division it is,” Lewis said in regard to doing business with Cleveland. “Normally the saying, if the price is right people do whatever you need them to do. So I think anything is possible until it’s not.”

There were also rumors the Panthers were interested in trading up with the 49ers for the No. 2 pick, though if Fournette is who they’re targeting, he’ll still probably be there at No. 8.

The NHL announced on Monday that they will not be participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The writing’s been on the wall for months now with each stalled negotiation, but the league finally pulled the plug just a week before the end of the 2017-18 season.

Yet, this announcement has brought up a lot more questions than answers. We’ve known for a while now that the Olympics were in doubt. Now that they’re off the table, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern. No one really knows what’s going to happen to the ever-growing list of players who want to go, or what this means for the future of the NHL with the Olympics.

You’ve likely got questions. Probably a lot of them. We’re just as clueless as you, but let’s try to figure it out together, shall we?

Brandon Marshall is not taking the Chicago Bears’ most recent loss to the Detroit Lions very well.

Brandon Marshall is not taking the Chicago Bears’ most recent loss to the Detroit Lions very well. Actually, the Bears wide receiver is quite salty over being swept by the Lions this season, as evidenced by some comments he made during a radio show on ESPN 1000 on Monday. Via ESPN Chicago, Marshall complained about how the Lions’ play on Sunday was “borderline illegal,” he called the Lions “the little brother” and he even took a shot at the city of Detroit.

Let’s start with the “borderline illegal” comment. Marshall wasn’t pleased that Jay Cutler took so much abuse from the Lions defense, particularly, in his view, after the play. He described it as “kind of disgusting to see the D-line go out of their way to knock our quarterbacks down after every single play.” He also alleged that the Lions were “pushing” Cutler down and taking shots at him below the knees. The Lions were flagged for unnecessary roughness and roughing the passer on the Bears’ final drive, but that was pretty much it outside of a face mask penalty on Cutler earlier in the game.

Moving on, Marshall likened the Lions to “the little brother that kind of grew up a little bit.” He came up with an analogy about how, despite not being stronger or better than the “big brother,” the little brother decided to punch the big brother in the face after being fed up. He also went on to say this:

Ed Reed was once believed to be the final piece of a Texans’ defensive puzzle, a veteran defensive back that was going to put the team over the top. This season has become a disaster for Houston and now Reed has lost his starting job to third-year safety Shiloh Keo.

The Texans are adamant that the switch in personnel is more about taking advantage of matchups that dropping Reed as a starter, but there’s no question the change will reduce his snaps moving forward.

Michigan has beaten everything in March, including a plane accident

The Michigan men’s basketball team has had a whale of a two weeks, and these hectic times aren’t over just yet. The Wolverines beat Oklahoma State in an offense-packed thriller in the NCAA tournament’s first round on Friday, and they followed it up by beating No. 2 Louisville to punch a Sweet 16 ticket.

Since March 5, the Wolverines are on a six-game winning streak — their last regular season game, four in the Big Ten tournament, and now this one. They have the look of March Madness’ hottest team. But how they’ve gotten here is just as interesting as their record itself, so let’s go through a timeline of UM’s last 10 days.

The Wolverines were taking off from Ypsilanti, Mich., on a Wednesday. Their planned destination was Washington, D.C., the site of the Big Ten tournament. But high winds in the area caused serious problems for the team plane. The Wolverines’ takeoff to D.C. was aborted, and the entire scene looked mortifying.

Michigan’s basketball team plane involved in an accident. Everyone is okay, no injuries.

After that, though, he’s headed to Arizona next week to throw with Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns (he’s been throwing with Marqise Lee in California). This is a different plan from last offseason, when he spent only six days in California and spent most of his time in Jacksonville throwing with Jaguars receivers.

“I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent out there [in California],” Bortles said. “I think it’s really been beneficial. I feel really good as far as where I’m at mechanically and how the ball’s coming out and how it’s spinning.”32

Rex Ryan optimistic about Bills’ quarterback situation

New Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan addressed the media at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday and talked about several issues, including the team’s lackluster quarterback situation.

Ryan naturally expressed optimism Marshawn Lynch Authentic Womens Jersey about the current state of his signal callers, which is lacking a bona fide starter right now. “I’m excited about EJ Manuel,” he said. “I think he’s a young man who has potential.”

Ryan inherited a roster that currently features just two quarterbacks following the abrupt retirement of Kyle Orton. Only 2013 first-round pick EJ Manuel and former undrafted free agent Jeff Tuel remain on the roster, neither of which have been impressive in their first two NFL seasons.

Manuel, 24, was benched after four games in the 2014 season in favor of Orton after back-to-back losses. In 14 career starts, Manuel has compiled a 6–8 record with 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Atlanta has plenty of work to do with its entire roster, including revamping the league’s worst defense in 2014. Retaining Jones would go a long way toward getting back to the playoffs for the first time since 2012, when the Falcons lost in the NFC Championship game.

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman spoke at the NFL Combine on Wednesday and Michael Bennett Authentic Womens Jersey stated he has no plans to move on from star running back Adrian Peterson. Head coach Mike Zimmer echoed that notion, saying the team will not be looking for a back in free agency, per Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Peterson, who was placed on the commissioner exempt list for the final 15 games of 2014 after he was implicated in a child abuse case, is scheduled to make $13 million this season. Peterson will be 30-years-old in March but has a hall of fame body of work, amassing 10,190 rushing yards and 86 touchdowns in his eight-year career.

Bradford’s rookie deal calls for him to receive $16.58 million in 2015 before becoming a free agent. The former Oklahoma star has also dealt with two torn ACLs over the past two seasons, limiting him to seven games.

DeMar DeRozan is a big outlier in a predictable NBA season

The NBA season is just about 10 games old, so Paul Flannery and Tom Ziller checked in on the state of the league, some trends that may or may not be sustainable, and early trade rumors.

FLANNERY: I don’t know who decided this, but there is some kind of conventional wisdom out there that we can start to make real judgments about the NBA after 10 games. I’m looking at the standings on a Monday morning and we’re basically right there.

We are already starting to see some Joey Votto Authentic Womens Jersey trends emerge. The Hawks and Hornets are better than we thought in the East. The Celtics and Pistons might be a little bit worse. The West is the West. It’s eerie how it’s lining up almost exactly as we saw it this summer. (The Lakers being decent being the big exception.)

I still think we’re headed toward Cavs-Warriors III and I don’t feel like wasting too much time dissecting their early seasons again, so what stands out to you so far?

ZILLER: A few teams have surprised in ways good and bad — the Lakers are No. 1 with a bullet — but I am struck by how otherwise normal the standings look. I didn’t expect the Thunder to be that high or the Celtics to be that low. I wasn’t convinced the Mavericks would fall off the map (and I think they’ll be back in the thick of it before long). But overall, minus the Lakers, I could absolutely see the final standings looking something like this in April. It feels like it’s been a weird season, but maybe that’s more at the individual level.

Speaking of which, DeMar DeRozan is having the most inexplicable start to a season for a player I have ever seen. He’s shooting better than 50 percent on 24 attempts per game, plus drawing fouls at a LeBronian rate. He was really good last season, and averaged a career-high 23.5 points per game. He’s at 34 a night this year, and he’s hit the 30-point mark in eight of nine games. It’s not believable.

But as he inches closer to December, it needs to be reckoned with. This isn’t a hot Johnny Bench Authentic Womens Jersey week. This isn’t just a hot month. It’s one of the hottest months anyone has had in years. This is Curryesque, but without the threes, which somehow makes it more impressive.

FLANNERY: Right, we all expected chalk and chalk we pretty much have at this point. Plus, there’s a lot of chalk. The middle of the pack is vast.

DeRozan is one of my favorite players because he’s A) a really nice guy and B) he makes everyone so damn mad with his style of play. It’s like they take it personally when he pulls up from mid-range. How dare he!

So, this becomes a question of sustainability. He can’t keep this up because no one can keep it up, but at what point does this go from hot streak to sustained reality: 15 games, 20, the All-Star break?

ZILLER: There are different factors at play in his epic start, and I think they’ll prove to be varying levels of sustainable. Shooting 70 percent on mid-range jumpers is not sustainable — but maybe 50 percent on the quality of shots he’s getting will work out. His foul drawing seems sustainable, and given the interesting rotation Dwane Casey has going (Bebe! Pascal!), he should be able to keep taking 20 shots a night if we wants to do so. You know Kyle Lowry is rooting him on.

The thing that gets me about DeRozan is that he’s just amped up everything that made him good. Now it’s making him great. He’s got some Dwyane Wade in there, and that’s super exciting.

Any other players you’re trying to assess in terms of sustainability?

FLANNERY: DeMar is the most obvious outlier here. He’s such an outlier he makes everyone else look fairly normal. You can rationalize James Harden averaging 30 and 13 and I’d say that’s even money to continue, or even Harrison Barnes averaging over 22 a game because, why not? Somebody’s got to score. I’d guess that Andrew Wiggins won’t continue to lead the league in three-point shooting, or that Lou Williams won’t put up a 25.4 PER for the rest of the season. But we know all that.

McKenzie played next to Matt Millen, an All-Pro linebacker

McKenzie played next to Matt Millen, an All-Pro linebacker — yes, that Matt Millen, the former general manager of the Detroit Lions.

“I tried to hire Reggie in Detroit but he stayed put,” Millen said. “The thing you valued is he thinks like Ron did. Ron trained him and Reggie was a great student, which if you know Reggie’s background, he was always a great student in high school and college. Reggie has his own instincts, like Ron. He has his own unique way of looking at things, but he also is grounded in the fundamentals of the job.”

Among those fundamentals, Wolf Marc Savard Youth Jersey and Millen both agree, is finding a franchise quarterback. Wolf succeeded when he landed Brett Favre. Millen landed Joey Harrington.

“The bottom line is if you don’t find that quarterback, then you don’t have much a chance to go where you want to go,” Millen said.

What Brady is doing is not only incredible, it’s unprecedented. There has never been an NFL player this old producing at this level. Through four games, Brady has thrown 12 touchdowns, no interceptions and has a total QBR of 92.9 — nearly double Matt Beleskey Youth Jersey the QBR that Manning had in 2015, when he was the same age as Brady is now, and almost double the QBR that Brett Favre had in 2008, when he too was the same age that Brady is now.

As old as Brady gets, he hasn’t started to play that way.

This is an actual conversation that occurred within the NFL this season:

Question: “What’s going on with Josh?”

Answer: “Which Josh are you talking about?”

No namesake has been through more challenging times this season than the Joshes.

Kicker Josh Brown was placed on commissioner’s exempt list, then released by the Giants after documents showed he acknowledged physical, verbal and emotional abuse against his former wife, Molly Brown.

Wide receiver Josh Gordon was suspended four games before entering rehab, while still waiting to hear from commissioner Roger Goodell whether he’ll be reinstated.

Wide receiver Josh Huff was released by the Eagles last week, two days after he was arrested and charged with possessing an unloaded 9 mm handgun without a permit, a magazine that had six hollow-point bullets, and marijuana.

It is clear that pensioners are better protected when the risks are spread across the UK

As the internal DWP document makes clear, it is fairer and better for everyone that Britain’s faster rising working-age population rather than Scotland’s slow rising working-age population covers the cost of the rising numbers of elderly Scotland, because we have contributed UK national insurance all our lives to spread the risks of poverty retirement. Brown’s speech say that unpublished Registrar General and DWP statistics show that Scotland currently receives £9bn a year overall pensioner benefits but would get just £9bn pensioner benefits if the money was allocated on the basis of population rather than need. With a relatively less well off and less healthy population, Scotland gains from pensioner credits and disability benefits, Brown argue. The average Scottish pensioner receives £25 a week pension credit and £20 a week from disability support.

Brown argues that the two measures explain why Jack Ham Authentic Womens Jersey pensioner poverty fell dramatically from 33% to 11% while Labour was office from 1997 to 2010. while it costs the UK £1 per head of the population for all pensioner benefits, Scotland receives £1 per head – a gap of £80 per person that rise to £120 over the next two decades. As the Scottish pensions escalates, social security spending be rising Scotland by 3% a year compared with the UK’s 2% a year. He add: If the SNP deny there is a problem they have to explain why they have set up a working party on ‘the affordability’ of future pensions. The SNP government has said the case for independence should be judged on Jack Lambert Authentic Womens Jersey whether Scotland would benefit financially or not.

It is clear that pensioners are better protected when the risks are spread across the UK and it is also clear that the year the SNP want independence the Scots pension alone is three times the income from oil revenues. Eilidh Whiteford, the SNP’s work and pensions spokesperson, claimed that Brown was scaremongering. Brown is simply repeating the same economically illiterate claims the Tories and Lib Dems made over a year ago, she said. On this backwards logic, the UK pensions is 25 times the value of its oil and gas – making it impossible for the UK to afford to pay for pensions. The only new thing this contribution is that Brown has finally ended the charade and joined his Labour colleagues the Tory no campaign. Far from relaunching as a positive campaign, this contribution is negative, repetitive and lacks any credibility.

The Broncos’ replacement for Peyton Manning will be determined in training camp and the preseason

For the Raiders, the plan during training camp will be to build on what Derek Carr and Amari Cooper have begun to create offensively as well as improve the defense. The Chargers just want to field an offensive line that can keep Philip Rivers upright and a defense that will allow them to improve upon last year’s 4-12 record.

The Broncos’ replacement for Peyton Manning will be determined in training camp and the preseason. It’s been assumed that Mark Sanchez would get the starting nod, but head coach Gary Kubiak insists that Trevor Siemian could surprise us all (nobody really believes him). Rookie Paxton Lynch will need a strong camp and preseason to play his way into consideration Authentic Michael Bennett Jersey as the starter this season.

Finding replacements for departed starters will Authentic Mike Morgan Jersey be the focus on the defensive side of the ball, while finding a competent mix of offensive linemen will be the Chargers’ other top goal this summer. San Diego allowed 40 sacks last season, and must find a way to better protect Philip Rivers. The key may be left tackle King Dunlap, who missed nine games due to injury in 2015.

With a quarterback like Rivers, the Chargers can’t be fully counted out of contention. But the progress of the O-line and defense will be the biggest indication as to whether the Chargers’ hopes for a rebound 2016 are realistic.

Carroll first joined the NFL as a defensive backs coach with the Buffalo Bills in 1984. He held the same position with the Minnesota Vikings, and in 1990 was named the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets. He served in that position until 1994, when the Jets made him a head coach.

He only held that position for a single season though, after the Jets got off to a 6-5 start, only to lose all of their remaining games. He was fired after the one season, and was a defensive coordinator again for the San Francisco 49ers, before the New England Patriots made him head coach from 1997 through 1999. After he was fired there, he joined USC as its head coach until the Seahawks hired him in 2010.

With the Seahawks, Carroll took a team that was fast becoming irrelevant in the NFC West and had them winning double-digit games by his third season. The Seahawks lost a pair of Divisional Round playoff games, and then broke through with a Super Bowl win in 2013. In 2014, they made it to the big game again, but fell to the Patriots.

This past season was something of a down year for Carroll’s team. The Seahawks finished with a 10-6 record and made the playoffs as a wild card team. They beat the Minnesota Vikings on the road, but the Carolina Panthers ousted them in the Divisional round.

Carroll is 60-36 in the regular season and 8-4 in the postseason with the Seahawks. For his career, he has a regular season winning percentage of .581 and a postseason winning percentage of .600.

The Bears are heading into training camp with a lot of new players expected to make a difference on the field this season. Chicago needed upgrades over Shea McClellin and Christian Jones, and it should have them with linebackers Danny Trevathan and Jerrell Freeman.