the Jets announced that McCown’s season is over due to the injury.

As for Morris, his Hall case has always been a flashpoint for modern analysts, using tools that, as Morris noted, didn’t exist when he played. Morris was long favored by old-school benchmarks such as wins (254) and complete games (175) that have fallen out of favor in modern systems of evaluation. It’s a debate that Morris has remained aware of.

He’s not the only one who should be experiencing that same emotion. Like the resurgent Chargers, other clubs in the .500 range aren’t out of the playoff mix coming down the home stretch.

On Monday, This opens the door for Petty and Christian Hackenberg to show what they can do.

Third, he has good escapability. He makes plays with his feet as much as his arm and doesn’t give up on plays. That is both a positive, but it can give some scouts some pause as well because he isn’t the biggest QB as of yet, so one wonders if he would stand up to a beating from a good pass rush.

Which brings us to some of his negatives. He’s not the most accurate passer in the world, though some of that could have to do with his receiving core. Lock has completed 58 percent of his passes on the season and has never eclipsed the 60 percent completion percentage mark as a college player. The NFL average is above 60 percent, so that has to be taken into account.

Lock doesn’t throw a traditional route tree at Missouri, like many other QB’s in spread offenses in college. He throws a lot of hot routes which it’s good, but he also simply throws a lot of designed short passes which are not incredibly common in the NFL, at least in the way Missouri runs them. eagles_075_d861b779a2610576-180x180

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